Powder Coat

From powder coat services for a durable & gorgeous finish to dustless blasting that can tackle everything from graffiti removal to automotive paint prep - Arkansas Powder Coat offers a level of quality and customer service like no other!


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Our parent company, Fabco Machine Corp, has been providing the region with unparalleled quality and size of work for over 28 years. We are pleased to announce that we are currently expanding to a second location that is dedicated to contract manufacturing, powder coating, and sandblasting spanning an enclosed area of 15,000sq feet. Just like our parent company, we strive to be your best value provider, while taking every possible step to grow and better serve our area.

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Powder Coat

Powder coat is a durable finish that can outlast traditional wet paints, while being available in a wide range of colors, textures, and gloss levels. Powder is applied to parts via an electrostatic charge and then baked in an oven at temperatures of up to 400 degrees for a length of time that allows the powder to flow out and create a very durable bonding to the substrate. Powder coat can last much longer than normal paints, making it an economical method of surface finishing.

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Dustless Blasting

With our mobile dustless blasting system, we can provide automotive paint prep services, graffiti removal, cleaning, and more. Residential, commercial, and municipal work available! We use a variety of media along with the ability to wet or dry blast in order to offer you the best surface restoration possible, including crushed glass, soda, and more.

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